The Butterfly

So we all know that a butterfly represents new life. No mystery there. It’s a great representation of how God transforms our life from our old life in sin to our new life in the light. Did you know that the caterpillar, when it enters the cocoon, actually liquifies before it becomes a butterfly? It’s […]


I heard recently that “we minister out of the overflow of our relationship with Jesus.” I know I’ve put it on this blog before that we are like leaky vessels — we receive from God, but as we minister to others and to ourselves, what we received gets used up and poured out — which […]

Love vs. Fear

I can’t escape the feeling that this needs to be written for someone out there today. I hope this speaks to you in some way. Did you know that love and fear are opposites? Some might assume that the opposite of fear is courage, but that’s 100% accurate. Because in order to have courage, you […]

The Letter

So I wanted to switch gears and tell you a story today. This is fiction. Chloe could always remember the smell of her grandmother’s house. It smelled like the warm sugar cookies they would bake and frost together. She had learned so much from her loving grandmother over the years. How to bake, how to […]

Memorizing Scripture

So last week we talked about Psalm 23 and how God wants to take care of us. So this week I want to continue that thought. We know God wants to take care of us, but how do we know what that entails? Well, of course all of God’s promises are in His Word, right? […]

What makes your heart sing?

So I know we’ve been talking about taking a step toward doing what you were called to do because you have a unique place in the Kingdom and God put unique gifts and talents inside you and He has a plan and a purpose for your life (Jeremiah 29:11). Today I’d like you to take […]

Be the Letter

So this week I just feel like the Spirit is moving and something new is coming. Not that there is truly anything new (the Bible says there is nothing new under the sun), but I just feel something fresh and different is coming. Maybe it’s a new opportunity, maybe it’s a chance to do something […]


So in keeping with our current theme this week, I wanted to share some thoughts on unity. I was reading the other day in John 17. This passage was Jesus’ prayer for the believers — both the believers of His day AND future believers which is US!!! Did you know Jesus prayed for you? In […]


So I’ve been reading through the story of Saul and David in recent weeks. And it was interesting because in the beginning Saul was this great guy and he was humble and feared the Lord. But somewhere along the way he started to see himself as in charge. Because we see by his actions that […]