So continuing with our thoughts on our identity in Christ, the ultimate end of owning that identity is realizing that we are citizens of Heaven! Sometimes we forget that fact! Our citizenship is in Heaven!!! (Philippians 3:20-21). This life is temporary — we are merely shifting shadows (Psalm 144:4). Sometimes we forget that we are […]


I’m sure we’ve all heard the “you’re special” message like a million times. We know we’re special, right? But how do we get from “knowing” we’re special to acting like it? If we believe we are unique and special and loved by God, why do we allow ourselves to get pushed around by lying thoughts […]


illustration depicting how fear is always trying to speak to us and the Holy Spirit is our shield.

So last week at church the message was about fear and I thought it would be good to bring up on the blog today. It never fails that just when I get a great idea about a creative endeavor, fear pops up to tell me I can’t do it. It will be too hard or […]



I don’t think enough can be said of the faithfulness of God. I’m sure I have mentioned it in previous blogs, and I know I say it to just about everyone I meet — I must sound like a broken record! LOL But it’s true! How faithful is God that He made a way for […]