Praise God!

Today I want to talk about the fact that God will be praised whether or not it comes from us! Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever considered that God is God whether or not we humans acknowledge that fact? The Bible says in Psalms 66:1 that all the earth will praise Him. And Psalms 148 says that all created things and even the creatures in the deep ocean will praise Him! Luke 19:40 says that if we fail to praise God, even the rocks would cry out!

Recently I came across this video where a guy takes the sounds that stars make and put them together using software with whale sounds and it was fascinating! You know, I love science and space stuff and I’m always fascinated to learn new things about God’s creation, so this video was right up my alley! Now I should note that of course, the sounds that stars are making are not verbally saying praises to God and this guy used his human creativity to put it all together so it’s not like this is magically happening on it’s own. But I do think it’s really cool how it all comes together and it is very moving. I mean the fact that stars are even making sounds is pretty amazing!

Take a watch if you’re interested:

So for journaling this week, I’d encourage you to read Psalms 148, and Psalms 19:1 and consider how creation praises God. Take a moment to think about how you praise God. Are you praising Him with your life? With your mouth? Singing or dancing? Is it obvious to those around you that you serve God?

Take some time this week to sit quietly and observe nature (in your back yard or find a park) and see the glory of God in His creation.

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